1.Halal Wagyu Beef

Our Wagyu products are mainly Japanese Black cattle breed carefully selected by local farmers of Japanese Wagyu Brands. And of course, all products are Halal certified by Japanese Halal Certification Body. Our main product is Satsuma beef (Kagoshima Prefecture). We also provide Miyazaki Beef, Ohmi Beef, and other Wagyu Beef brands.

Below is reference for major Japanese Wagyu Beef Brands:

All products are safe and secure Halal products certified
by the Halal Certification Body in Japan.


Matsusaka beef (Mie Prefecture)

Ohmi Beef (Shiga Prefecture)

Kobe Beef (Hyogo Prefecture)


Awa beef (Tokushima Prefecture)

Miyazaki beef (Miyazaki Prefecture)

Satsuma beef (Kagoshima Prefecture)

B.M.S (Beef Marbling Standard)

"Fat crossing evaluation standard" which determines how much lean meat contains Sashi (fat).
The standard indicates the grade of meat, such as A5 Wagyu and A4 Wagyu.
There are 12 grades in Japan and the highest grade is 12.

2. Halal Japanese Crossbreed (F1)

This product is Crossbred between Japanese black cattle and daily cow perfectly balanced with meat and marbling umami taste. This type of Beef is well demanded by Yakiniku and shabu-shabu restaurants in Japan. Advantage of crossbred (F1) is economical price compared to Japanese Wagyu Beef. And of course, slaughtered by totally certified Halal way.

f1    f1_2

Our Suppliers

・Kamichiku Farm
・OS Meat Farm

3. Halal Processed Food

We are currently preparing to export processed meat made from halal meat.
It's a quick cook and delicious.

saikoro   steak