We have a wide network with Japanese Halal certification body, top Japanese Wagyu Brand farms, Halal slaughterhouses around Japan and Japanese Government officials. It means we can guarantee to supply the Halal Japanese Brand Wagyu Beef with excellent quality.

Consultation-Wagyu  Network-


We are the largest Halal Japanese Wagyu
exporter in Japan for Indonesia and Malaysia.


03Flexible Export

We export complete head of Wagyu Beef as well as by parts in terms of your order.

Smart Export

04Business Support

We support your Halal Japanese Wagyu Beef sales business by following ways.
1. Education how to cut Wagyu Beef properly in order to benefit from all kind of its parts without wasting.
2. Introduction of cooking recipes about each part of Wagyu Beef.
3. Promotion and advertising of your Halal Japanese Wagyu Beef sales business.

Sales Support

We’ll provide continuous support for sales promotion.

Cutting Seminar

You will learn through actual practice from beef carcass processing to small pieces, muscle drawing, and meat processing.

  • Basic deboning technique which takes into account the shape and muscle of the bone.
  • Point of shaping and subdivision in consideration of yield
  • Product making and cooking menu

Restaurant launching and cutting demo

Social Media & Promotion

Conduct online promotion to raise awareness.

Promotional event at Momozen Restaurant, Imperial Birthday Celebration

Direct Sales

We will give a tasting presentation at the supermarket to convey the goodness of Japanese beef to end-users.

Direct Communication

The fastest way to get people to know what's good is to get involved directly in it. We are always thinking of efficient and direct communication. By connecting with specific sales partners, you can secure more your business. We can work with you to plan and propose ways to find touch points with retailers (such as supermarkets) and restaurants. As one of the ways to directly convey the goodness of Wagyu to consumers, we hold hands-on events such as "how to make meat" and "how to eat". We work with you to develop an understanding and empathy for your company and products.

If they know its value, will buy

Practical example 01

Promote and popularize Wagyu to restaurants, supermarkets, and general consumers

Obvious prove safety and security

Practical example 02

Proof and demonstrate the safety of the products by providing transparency of the supply chain from the farm or slaughterhouse to the customer.

Get to know how to eat for oneself

Practical example 03

It aims to familiarize Wagyu beef by education on the cooking and providing taste samples to many people directly.