What is Marbaling?

Marbling is the visible form of intramuscular fat (IMF) which appears as fine flecks within the muscle. The presence of marbling has a very positive effect on the eating quality of beef in terms of tenderness, juiciness and flavor.

More precisely, intramuscular fat may be measured by chemical extraction of lipid from a thin facing of the exposed ribeye muscle. Therefore, percent intramuscular fat is an objective measurement that quantifies the total fat content within the ribeye muscle. Percentage intramuscular fat may also be measured objectively using the digital camera technology developed at the Obihiro University, Hokkaido, Japan and used by AWA in its research.

Marbling potential is determined by both genetics and nutrition. While Wagyu will develop considerable marbling from quality grass feeding, most are feedlot fed on carefully designed rations of straw for roughage and grain for protein and carbohydrates.

Crossbred Wagyu are fed for 350 – 450 days with the objective of producing Marble Score 5 – 7+, achieving similar carcass weights as Full-bloods but with much greater marbling variability.

Yield grade are to judge the final meat ratio. Based on the specific calculation method carcass is put into one of the following categories:

  • A: above average (Estimated Yield: 72 or higher)
  • B: average (Estimated Yield: 69-72)
  • C: below average (Estimated Yield: Less than 69)

Yield grade based value is calculated by standard Estimated Yield* formula.

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