Company Overview

Established in 2016, H.M Ryochi Co., Ltd (HMR) is a trading company to market high quality Japanese Beef and co-products to local and international market. Having broad network in Halal industry, HMR is currently the largest Halal Japanese Wagyu exporter in Japan.

Our Story

H.M Ryochi Co., Ltd (HMR) have been involved wihin Japanese Halal beef industry with over 10 years experience. The company is one of the pioneer in shaping Japanese Halal Market and has successfully expanding Japanese Beef industry into the Halal Market.

Halal Guaranteed

Our product are 100% halal which are managed by local Halal certificated body, MPJA. MPJA has being recognized and approved by Malaysia Halal certificated body, JAKIM and also Indonesia Halal certificated body, MUI. The cattle is fed with grain fed and is slaughter by muslim slaughter-man locally. During delivery, we make sure no direct contact with other things by implemented packaging in tri-wall method.

Our Vision

Our ambition is to become the world leading of Halal Japanese Wagyu exporter. We aim to develop our business to supply and introduce the authentic taste of Japanese Wagyu to the world by implementing innovative changes to the Japanese Wagyu supply chain.

Our Mission

  • We served high quality Japanese beef
  • We served high quality Services
  • We served Safe, Healthy and Halal Guaranteed
  • We supply various selection of product to fulfil our customers needs
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